Thursday, March 17, 2011

Paco's Tacos...Yum!!

You can't read the sign too well but it says Paco's Tacos. We have watched this little shack for awhile and wondered about it when a sign went up announcing Mexican food soon. It seemed out of character for this little town but... Pretty soon it was up and running. As we drove by one day we saw our Kalaheo elder's sitting outside and talking to the "cook", we supposed. We asked them next time we saw the how the food was. They said it was great and that the owner Paco was a member of the church. We decided to support him and his new business so after meeting in Lihue we decided to stop and have lunch. Well, Paco introduced himself to us after seeing our clothes and tags and asked us what we wanted. He told us he had lived in Salt Lake City for 10 years. We ordered 3 different kinds of tacos and a drink. When we went to pay he wouldn't take our money. We said "We want to help your business." He wouldn't take anything anyway and then when we got our order he even included a Flan for dessert. Yumm...the food was delicious and the Flan mmmm we almost died and went to heaven.

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