Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Pleasure of Your Company...

We have been invited to the wedding reception for the Wright's son here in Kekaha. He was married in the Salt Lake Temple last week to a Utah girl. I told Sister Wright if she need help with the decorating we would be glad to do anything she needed. She never called back and so we decided to drop by the church early in the afternoon to see if anything was going on. Sure enough there she was trying to do most of it herself. We stayed for 3 hours setting up tables, doing bows, putting pictures in frames, setting flowers and candy on the tables and decorating with palm trees etc. We got it all done and it was fun. We found out tho that a traditional wedding celebration is a dinner complete with all kinds of Hawaiian food. Everyone wears Hawaiian shirts and blouses, capri's and leis, including the couple and the parents. The food was delicious. Lomi Lomi salmon, long rice noodles, pulled pork, rice, poi, haupia, macaroni salad and boiled taro leaves with chicken. It was a three hour affair. One of my friends said she couldn't attend because she was going to a baby shower. I couldn't figure out why she couldn't attend both. At home, in three hours Wally and I can attend three receptions and make everyone happy. I found out later that here you stay for the whole 3 hours. It is a full on party. They don't have a line. Everyone is seated then the couple comes in and is seated at their table. We clap. Then we all get in line for the buffet, eat and visit. After eating the couple tells how they met and about their dating and engagement. Then we watch a slide show of the couple. There is beautiful Hawaiian music, we watch the couple cut the cake and then eat it and then it's time to go home. Also, here they decorate a box like a present and put it on the guest book table and everyone slips a card with money in it in the box as they sign. No gifts here just money. Now I see 3 hours was just what was needed for this wonderful celebration.

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