Monday, March 7, 2011

Mormon Helping Hands.

Our ward activity this month was a service project. It was planned by the Young Men. We went out to Salt Ponds State Park and picked up garbage. It was a successful event. We picked up lots of stuff and did it in record time. I can't believe with all the garbage cans so close people just throw their trash on the ground. We all wore Mormon Helping Hands vests. It was an impressive thing seeing every one working hard in those vests and getting things done. As always, afterward we had a pot luck brunch. It is fun interacting with the ward and the members. We feel like we are becoming such a part of it and getting to know everyone. The park is a beautiful beach area. We had no idea it was here. It is a great place for family activities. There are pavillions, bathrooms and sheltered pond areas for children to play in and be safe.

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