Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well, it was District Meeting today. Our Zone Leaders do such a fantastic job. We learn so much. Our theme today was REPRESENT. Who and what do we represent? It was wonderful. After the meeting we went over to Ele'ele to the Kauai Clinic to see Dr. Penner. Wally's lungs sounded like somebody crinkling cellophane every time he breathed last night. Neither one of us could sleep. Dr. says Wally has bronchitis. Wally told him his son, the general doctor, has prescribed a Z pac and that he had started taking it yesterday. The doctor said he would have done the same thing but he also gave Wally Prednisone and an inhaler. The Relief Society President in our ward sells essential oils and she gave some to Wally to try. Lots of people use them here. They are supposed to cure all kinds of things. Guess where their headquarters is? Orem. We sure hope something works!

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