Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Missionary Apartment Checks.

This picture is for Jana. This is Elder Menlove her cousin. He has been the District Leader in the Kapaa District. He got transfer papers and is going to Honolulu. He is being made a Zone Leader there. He is the cutest guy. Lots of fun and a great leader. Anyway, we did our first time as missionary apartment inspectors. Wall told the Elders I was really strict and I said make sure your bathrooms are really clean. They all did a wonderful job! We were so proud of them. They must have been nervous. I gave them M&M's as treat for good work. This picture is taken in Anahola (farthest north) right in front of King Kong Mountain. It is absolutely beautiful up in that area.

After inspections we met with the Cox's who live in Kapaa. They are the directors of the Addiction Recovery Program on the island. They have recruited us for Kekaha and have become good friends. We told them we were coming up that way and they said let's go for lunch. Can't pass up something like that so here is a picture from our table at the Olympic Cafe over looking the main street in Kapaa. It was beautiful with the sky so blue and the clouds puffy and white. Of course, the weather was a perfect 82 with the breeze blowing. It reminds me of downtown Park City. That type of a tourist town. It was a great day, work and fun combined. It couldn't have been better.

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