Monday, June 20, 2011

Salt Pond Beach and Lapperts Ice Cream.

I love P-days! After we get our studying, house cleaning and laundry done we usually eat lunch and then go for a drive. Wally surprises me. It's always fun. This Monday we went to Salt Pond Beach. It is in Hanapepe out past the thrift store, dump and Veteran's Cemetery. You have to take a long road that you think is going nowhere and then you come out on this wonderful family beach area. It has a reef that makes it's own lagoons and the waves are are gentle and just right for families to swim in. The water isn't too deep and kids and adults love it.
It is so perfect to sit here and just listen to the waves roll in and watch the beautiful blue sky just touch down on the water. This is heaven. Ok kids, are you convinced? Don't you want to come on over and spend some time with us? We'll do missionary work first then go to the beach alright?

After all that magic sitting at the beach we head for home. But first, we stop by Lappert's for a scoop of Chocolate Macadamia Nut ice cream (our favorite). Ymmm. It is so good. It is worth the $2.95. It is twice as much if you add a chocolate dipped waffle cone. I know I tried it once. The little dive where we get our scoop is actually the factory that makes all the ice cream they sell. It is a little tin shack and it is hard to believe it is the place that makes all those delicious flavors.

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