Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to All...

What a wonderful Father's Day we had. Or should I say Wally had. First of all, he was given a hand made Plumeria lei complete with a kiss from Sister Fuertes. It was so cute. She whispered to him," Your kids asked me to give this to you." Her husband is the one who gave me my lei for Mother's Day. The meetings were great and full of wonderful, funny and touching stories of father's both from "the olden days" and now. I taught Relief Society. It turned out pretty well. Everyone listened and commented so it must have made sense. Then came the best activity of the day. The thing we love the most about Hawaii. That's right you guessed it. During announcements in sacrament meeting everyone including visitors was invited to our ward Father's Day lunch buffet right after the block.

Here we all are in the cultural hall getting ready to get in line to fill our plates. It was a yummy full on Hawaiian food buffet. The food was absolutely wonderful. Of course we ate too much. But is was soooo delicious. I couldn't eat the raw opihi or the octopus but everything else was the BEST. We are so wishing we could bring home this wonderful tradition with us. The gospel that binds us together along with good friends, good food and lots of love.

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