Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Girls Camp.

Wally and Brother Inouye were priesthood security for girls camp today. The camp was at the Kekaha Boat House. It is a house with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom down by the boat harbor. It is set on a beautiful lot overlooking the ocean. You can't swim in the ocean though because it is at the mouth of the harbor and the water is murky there. Sharks love murky water. They had porta-potties brought in but they did have hot showers. Something Camp Shalom doesn't have. Camp was from Tuesday to Friday morning. It is a beautiful grassy area with palm trees all around. The ward camping areas are around the edges.

In the middle there is an awning area for crafts and this awning is the eating area. 3 wards get together at a time to provide the meal for the girls and leaders. On Thursday night it is skit night and the parents bring pot luck for everyone to share. The Bishops come too and they have testimonies after the skits. The camp theme this year was good works and our ward color was yellow (let your light so shine). Wally had a great time being security. They fed him and he could do his favorite thing and that is talk story with everyone.

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  1. Wow, girls camp in Hawaii. Not many can say that. Yes, stay out of the Shark waters!!