Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wild Thing.......

I know you are expecting some Thurs. with Brother C but he is in Wyoming visiting relatives for 2 weeks. Between Brother C. and Uncle Andy, Thursdays are our favorite day for visiting with friends. We learn so much about history and traditions of Hawaii with both men. Uncle Andy is pure Hawaiian and is from Ni'ihau a private island. There are only 200 people living there and it has no running water or indoor plumbing. It is primitive living. You also have to be invited to go there. Uncle Andy tells us all about his childhood there and about collecting Ni'ihau shells on the beach. That is another story I will have to tell sometime. Anyway, this is a picture of Bacon. Bacon is Uncle Andy's pet wild boar. He got Bacon when he was a piglet and will raise him until he is too big to keep. He will get big too. Andy feeds him only the best barley and corn. He isn't a year old yet. We asked him if his family would think of using Bacon for food. He said "No." He couldn't do that after having him for a pet. I will just give him away. You should see the picture I have of Bacon with his head on Andy's feet and letting Andy rub his belly. You would think he is a dog not a wild thing.

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