Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oh, My Slippah's!

We decided to take a walk down on the beach today. We hadn't been right down on the sand and putting our feet in the water for a long time so off we went. We love the beach and can't do it often enough for me. We walk along the beach for as long as we can and then if there is a spot to sit and watch the water and listen to the roar of the waves we do. The water is up really high this time of year so we took our chances. We finally found a little shelf of sand and sat down. We were out of the way of the waves or so we thought! It was mesmerizing! The ocean is amazing! I put my flip flops down and sat on them so I wouldn't get too sandy. All of a sudden the sand I was sitting and gave way. Up I jumped up, a wave came in and one of my flip flops was pulled out with the water. I yelled and Wally went running after it. My Hero! He had to give up though because the water got too deep and he didn't want to get wet. "Well", he said " Your flip flop is on it's way to Tahiti!" I was so sad, those were my favorite blue ones. We continued on with our walking on down the beach and talking about it when all of a sudden I looked up and there on the sand, not in Tahiti, was my flip flop! It had gotten caught in a little rip tide and then was spit up a few yards on down the beach! Yea! We couldn't believe it, we thought they were gone forever!!!

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