Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Zone Conference.

It seems like Zone Conference comes around very quickly but actually it is every 12 weeks or so. This time Wally was one of the lucky ones and we all sang Happy Birthday to him. It was fun and he got lots of high 5's. He also got to pick a prize from the birthday basket. He chose a tooth brush and a bag of M&M's that he said were for me. Guess what? He had those babies open and gone before I even got one! That's alright he is the birthday boy.
We were in Kapaa this conference and the Relief Society chose a Memorial Day theme for our lunch. We had hot dogs and relish, chips, and dill pickles, with apple crisp and vanilla ice cream for dessert. It was a fun luncheon. The wards always treat us so well whenever we have a conference and they provide lunch. They love the missionaries and are so sweet to us. The meeting was wonderful. So uplifting. The AP's always do such a fine job. They showed a video on car safety featuring Grandma. It was hillarious. Sister Dalton gave us a lesson on how to lead music instead of a health tip this time. President Dalton gave the closing message and talked about his love for us and appreciation for all we do as missionaries. He also talked about his mission in Germany. He went about the same time as Wally and they both remember tracting about 60 hours a week. Things are a bit different now and we are so glad. It was very tender and very moving. He is a great mission President and Sister Dalton is an outstanding mission mother.

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  1. Hi Wally and Fran,
    Give Wally a high 5 for me to.