Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kauai's Polynesian Festival.

Bro. C invited us to the Kauai Polynesian Festival this weekend. He wants us to really absorb the Hawaiian culture. We really are trying to do that so this was the perfect activity.

There was lots of dancing, singing, ukuleles and guitars. There were craft booths with lots of native handy work: fabric, jewelry, flowers for hair, knives with shark teeth, natural leis, fish hook necklaces. It was kind of like a county fair polynesian style.

Oh, did I mention food booths too. Lots of yummy food to eat. Wally and I can't seem to get away from food here. We both are going to have to seriously do Weight Watchers when we get home. When we found Sister C she was doing lomi lomi (special kind of Hawaiian) massage. Both Wally and I had one. It made a great finish to a nice afternoon. What do you think of Wally playing the uke and me doing the hula for our homecoming? LOL.

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