Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursdays With Bro. C.

Say hello to our Cane Spider. I know is doesn't look too big but it was about 4-5 inches across. I was walking down the hall and just happened to look down and there he was. I yelled for Wally to come and rescue me and it turns out he's a wuss after all. He nearly had a heart attack when he saw him. I said, "quick, do something!" So he did. He threw his shoe at him! Well, the spider then jumped (yes, they are jumpers) clear in the other room about 6 feet away. Both of us were carrying on and finally Wall did do away with him with his shoe. I know you are wondering what this has to do with Thurs. with Bro. C. It gave us a good topic to discuss. We talked about how before hurricane Iniki all the islands had sugar cane plantations. Pineapple on the east side (windward) and cane always on the west side (leeward). With the cane plantations there were always mills that employed lots and lots of people. People worked there and lived there in plantation cottages. I just love the plantation cottages. They are all around Kekaha. They are small and just like something out of a forgotten era. Kauai had 7 plantations at one time; Koloa, Waimea, Kamakani, Lihue, McBride and Kekaha. What with Iniki destroying all the cane fields in 1992 and the rising cost of water and production cane is no longer a source of income and work here. Like a lot of other things it is cheaper to buy it from over seas.

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