Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yummy Mango's!

Can You guess what I am doing? I am eating a mango fresh off the tree. Bro.Wright couldn't believe I didn't know what they were like. We had stopped by his mother-in-law's, Sis. Kua, house to say hello. There was Brother Wright with his handy dandy fruit picker getting some fresh ones for us to try. The picker is like a butter fly net with a little squeezed together part at the end. You reach up grab the fruit and slip the stem down in the squeezed end part and pull and the fruit comes off right in the bag and doesn't fall on the ground and you don't have to have a ladder or shake the tree.

Brother Wright told us that when they were kids they would play outside all day and just eat fruit from the trees. It is so juicy they would bite the end and peel it down then eat the fruit and wipe their hands on their clothes and just go on playing. As you can see I have bitten the end of my mango off and I am leaning over the garbage can to eat it. I didn't want to wipe my hands on my clothes so they let me use the hose to wash off.

These are the mango's growing on the tree. We see them different places when we walk but didn't know what kind of fruit it was. This is the time of year for them. As they ripen they turn golden yellow. Depends on your taste at which stage of ripeness you like them. Wally likes them more tart, a little green. I like them more yellow.

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