Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day Dinner.

The High Priest Group decided to have a Mother's Day dinner. Brother Fuertes wanted to do the cooking. He is famous for his cooking, especially his huli,huli (turned) chicken. Well, he needed help and we knew it so Wally volunteered us. We love this part of our mission. We always do as much service as we can. He told us to be at the church at 12:00 to chop vegetables for the salads. We said,"Yes, sir!" He is the sweetest man. We just love him. He is also on our missionary correlation committee. We chopped and cut and mixed and made some wonderful salads, spagetti, potato, 2 kinds of green. That night we had turkey, pork, rice, dressing, and of course our salads and yummy desserts. There wasn't a program just lots of good food and visiting. What a great evening. If we would have had enough leftovers they were going to have a pot luck on Sunday after Sacrament Meeting. Too bad it didn't work out that way for those who missed the dinner.

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