Saturday, May 14, 2011

Huli, Huli Chicken and the Base.

On our way home from the Charity Walk we drove by the Kalaheo Chapel and saw a sign for Huli, Huli Chicken $9. We drove in to see what was going on because we could see Elder's Moimoi and Grover were there. Come to find out, it was a fund raiser so that the kids from the ward could go to EFY at BYU Hawaii this summer. Well, we had to support that and Huli, Huli chicken is the BEST! As we sat eating our chicken we talked to the Bishop. He told us "You know up until 2 days before you got here we thought you were going to be in our ward. We even had a place for you to live. Then they gave you to Kekaha." As we were talking the Bishop also told us it was open house day out at the base until 3:00 p.m. "Better hurry." we said and off we went.

We really enjoyed the open house out at Barking Sands Military Base. They had all kinds of displays, information, food, shave ice etc. Then out on the run ways were all the kinds of planes they use in operations on the base. This is the biggest one. You can see how big it is compared to Wally. All the planes on display could fit inside it. There were also some drones and missiles on display too, interesting. It turned out to be a very busy, interesting and fun day. But the best thing of all is we supported lots of people we know through out the day.

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