Saturday, May 14, 2011

Put Your Best Slippah Forward!!!

We did a Charity Walk in Lihue today. We contributed $70 and felt good about that. The walk is in it's 33rd year and is put on by the hospitality organizations of the island to support all sorts of different charities. I walked for awhile next to the mayor of Kauai. People were cheering for him and he was waving and calling back. He is some kind of celebrity! I don't think he did the whole thing but he was there draped in lei's having a good time. It rained all night and we wondered how the walk would be. The sun came out though, and it was nice for the whole walk but it started again when we crossed the finish line. We picked up our breakfast from the Marriott Booth and headed to the car to eat it where it was dry. It was yummy. English muffin with egg, tomatoes, onions, Portuguese sausage and orange juice.

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