Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bro. C's and Hale's

Today we talked about hale's with Bro. C. Hale's are original Hawaiian homes. They are made using pili grass that is dried, bound and then layered on a frame. The roofs and walls are all made of the same material. The doorways are small so you would have to bend over to enter your house. This was for defense. If an enemy was entering your home they would have to bend over to do so and you would have time to hit them over the head before they had time to stand up straight! Handy huh? Kukui nuts were used as lighting for the house. They are a nut that is very oily. 2 or 3 were hooked to a coconut frond and were lit kind of like a torch. They would last a long time and provided enough light for the house. Cooking, weaving, and general meeting hale's had roofs but were open sided. The village fishing house was on stilts so the nets of the fishermen could be hung from them to dry.

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