Monday, August 15, 2011

Yea, Suncrest Stake Y. W.

We had the most wonderful P-day today. We did the regular cleaning and laundry and then we went for our regular Lappert's cone and sitting watching the waves at Salt Pond Beach. It was yummy and beautiful at the same time! A family had their 2 year old and baby there and were playing with them in the water. Let me tell you they were water babies! So cute to watch. On the way home we stopped at the post office and there in our box was a wonderful surprise from the Suncrest Stake Young Women. They had a service project at camp and wrote their testimonies in Books of Mormon and made "My Testimony" hand gloves to teach about bearing your testimony. They sent these to missionaries in the field to use. We were the lucky recipients of one of the packages and we were so thrilled. We can use both of the projects. We are teaching a large extended family and will share the books with them. We also teach bearing testimonies to families for FHE and we will use the gloves for those lessons. Later in the evening we went to Lois's to teach the 1st half of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. She shared with us that she has sent for her own leather bound set of scriptures. We were so happy! What a blessing of joy we are feeling. We think she is finally accepting the idea that the spirit is whispering to her and she is recognizing it and is being touched by it. We have promised her we won't push or put a time limit on teaching her. She has come to know she can trust us and is becoming more apart of what we are teaching and sharing with her. I mentioned before that they feed us every week and so I have started cooking for them every other week so it won't be such a hardship for her to come home and worry about preparing food right after work. This week we had salad, macaroni bake and chocolate chip bars for dessert. It was yum! We share mainland food and they share Hawaiian. It is so much fun. We are loving this......

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