Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zone Conference.

Here we are at Zone Conference being taught by the AP's. You can see how busy we all are taking notes. We were told we'd better take notes because we wouldn't remember what was said 5 minutes after it was finished if we didn't. Sister Dalton handed out little rocks to everyone and told us we should be "solid as a rock". Also we should Be Bold in our teaching. She talked about how missions had affected the lives of her sons and had prepared them for life. I am going to talk to my boys and see what they have to say about how their missions have prepared them for life. Get ready to answer boys! I know what Wally and I think. We'll see what they say. You can see I am prepared with my talk. It is right there on the table and I am so prepared I just want to give it. Alas, not so. I guess I was supposed to write it just for me to think about! Dinner tonight with Vince and Lois was wonderful. I made chicken salad croissants with a fruit plate and chocolate chip cookies bars for dessert again, a request from Vince. Dinner was yummy but our lesson was fabulous. We reviewed the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then talked a little about the Restoration and taught prayer again. We asked Lois to pray and she did. It was so wonderful. Oh, her scriptures came and she was so excited to start marking them and making notes for herself. We can feel her sweet spirit and it is so humbling to see the spirit touching her life.

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