Saturday, August 20, 2011

Service for Sister Kua.

Sister Kua has gone to spend a few months on Oahu with her daughter. While she has been gone her daughter and son here decided to clean up her yard and paint her house for her. As they were putting new "legs" around the house a support beam underneath fell down. It was eaten right through by termites! Yikes.

The ward got together today and put a new support beam underneath. Here is Brother Young under the house working to make sure they get it placed correctly. Brother Young and his son the younger Young are contractors and so they knew exactly what to do. Wally wasn't much good with a hammer and nails so they made him the official photographer of the project. We had a good turn out. And, of course, there was a nice lunch served when the project was done. It is so wonderful how the members of the ward get together here to help one another. They are a bunch of talented people! What one can't do another can.

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