Saturday, August 13, 2011

Red Dirt Shirts.

This is the Red Dirt Shirt Factory. These shirts are very popular and I know I have seen them at home in Utah and other places. They are dyed using the actual red dirt from Kauai.

This is Kauai's famous red dirt. It is so red and it clings to everything! It even seeps into the water and tints your white clothes when they are washed in the water. We have noticed that when we hold up Wally's new white shirts next to the ones he has been wearing the old ones are kind of cream colored. You don't really notice it until you compare but it is interesting. We saw an article that says they use about one gallon of the red soil in the water as dye for a batch of red dirt shirts and you can see from the picture that it really does a good job. Thought you might find this little piece of information interesting.

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