Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Last District Meeting Before Transfers.

Well, here is the final picture of this group before 3 of them are transferred for sure. Sister DeArton is dying (going home). She is the red head. Elder Bowlby kneeling to her left and Miller kneeling to her right are leaving too. We know for sure because they have been here for 6 months. They came as greenies and they are ready to get on with their missions some place else.They are anxious to see other islands. They are all so wonderful and lots of fun. We will miss them for sure. We'll get to see them one more time because we do apartment checks next Tues. before they leave and we will get to say goodbye and write in their signing journals. I'm glad we already had them write in ours. I wonder if Elder Smith will go(in front of Dad)? He is our Zone Leader. What a great elder and fine young man he is. If he goes that will be half of our Zone. Guess we will have to wait until next week to find out. The only sure thing is we will remain here in Kekaha. As Dad would tell you 7 more transfers to go.!

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