Monday, August 22, 2011

School and Lesson!

What a great Monday. Yes, it was P-day. In the morning we have started reading again to the 4th grade at Kekaha Elementary. (I really need a school t-shirt. Old habits die hard) Our class has 23 students and the ratio is 1 girl to 5 boys. Wow. Denise the teacher is shocked by the numbers. So many boys she says. They are so cute though. We love reading with them. After reading we stopped by the beach to have a look at the waves. We are obscessed with the ocean. Not too rough today. This afternoon we had a lesson with K & K and kids. Brother Young went with us for member support because Bro. Karratti is off island on business. We love having members with us to bear testimony of what we are teaching. It is wonderful. We challenged reading the Book of Mormon and Prayer . It was so good. This would be a happy celestial family!

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