Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Neighbor Kawehi..

We haven't seen Kawehi (Ka-vey-hi) or Willy for about a week. We were wondering about them too. Then, today as I was cutting Wally's hair outside, she came over for a visit. I guess the whole family has had a bad cold and they haven't been out at all. She asked if we had heard them coughing over there. They are feeling better so she came over and brought her grandbaby for a visit while Willy had a nap. We talked for about an hour. She asked some things about us being missionaries; what days we had off, how we paid for our mission, wards, what we are called (elder and sister) and a few things like that. We talked so long that the baby fell asleep in her stroller and Veyhi said " I leave her here. I have something for you." Off she went and back she came with this basket full of delicious ripe mangos with a big avocado right on top. She knows how much we love them and she is so kind to bring them over when ever she thinks about it. She also said how much she loved the mango-banana bread I took over to them. We are so blessed here. Sometimes I feel bad that we can't be out doing lessons all day long but I realize that sharing with our neighbors and being friends and doing service is also what our mission is all about.

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