Monday, August 1, 2011

Yumm.. a Beautiful Papaya

We walk every morning at about 6:15. We head down our street and down around the elementary school to the track around the baseball fields. We walk around the track about 5 times (1 round is 1/4 mile) then head out to the beach to walk along the road until we get to our street and head for home. Our route takes us about 55 minutes. We have lots of walking "friends" we meet along the way. Most are elderly. We wave and say "hi" " have a good day" etc. They always look for us and wonder where we are if we are not there. Even the Kekaha to Lihue bus driver honks and waves to us. This morning "the man in the gold suv" waited 'til we got around to where his car was parked and called for us to come over. "Miss" he said,"Do you like papaya?" "I sure do." He then went over to his car and brought out the biggest papaya I have ever seen. He said it was sweet and ready to eat and hoped we would like it. Wally tucked it under his arm and away we went to finish our walk. We still had about 30 minutes to go. Let me tell you it was worth bringing home. It was sweet, yummy and perfect for breakfast!

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