Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Blog Is Out There!!!

Because it was a 5th Sunday today and we didn't have any responsibilities in Kekaha we went up to Kalaheo for church. The Bishop is always asking us to come up so we did. It was a wonderful block of meetings and we really enjoyed being there. After the 3rd block was finished we felt a hand placed on our shoulders and someone softly say "Could we go to Paco's Tacos with you?" Well, we didn't know who it could be but we smiled and turned around and said, "Sure." We met a young man and his wife who had just moved here from Saratoga Springs, Utah. They have 4 daughters and have been here 3 days. They were in the back of the chapel, looked up, saw us sitting there and said to each other "It's Them!" meaning us. They are the Civilies (hope I spelled it right). Sean told us he was looking on the internet for things about Kauai and I guess when he put certain words in my blog came up and he had been reading it. He and his wife couldn't believe it when they ran into us on their 1st Sunday here. Wow, what a coincidence or was it?

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  1. You're FAMOUS!! Woooo go Grandma and Grandpa, you blogstars you!