Friday, July 1, 2011

The 4th on the 1st....

We were so lucky! The Bouche's invited us out to the Base for dinner and fireworks. We knew there was going to be a celebration and fireworks but we thought we would just go out there like anyone else and try to find a parking spot and a place on the grass to watch. On Wed. the Bouche's called and asked us if we would like to come to their place for dinner on their berm out by the ocean and then to watch fireworks. We didn't have to search for parking (security checked our ID's and let us right in) or be part of the crowd (3000) over by the food and craft booths waiting in line. We were able to go over and see all the crafts and watch the kids playing on all the blow up toys and hear the band but then we could go back and have dinner in the gazebo and watch the fireworks on the beach. It was spectacular! It is great having friends who live on base and are so kind to share.

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