Friday, July 29, 2011

Banana-Mango Bread Fresh From the Oven!

I was going to make banana bread today with some left over apple bananas. It has become one of our favorites and is so yummy. After we got those wonderful mangos yesterday from Bro. C and then some from our neighbors I decided to use bananas and mangos half and half. Some of the mangos were really ripe and sweet so it worked out really well. I don't have any loaf pans so I use this 8x8 and then cut it in half and it works out perfectly. After the bread was finished we took some to our neighbors across the street and some to the Inouye's. We were going over to give the Inouye's a lesson and give Bro. Inouye our recycling ( I'll have to tell you about it sometime) and we thought they might like a treat too. In case you're wondering we made enough bread (I made 4 loaves) so we could have some too and if I say so myself, it was delicious.

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