Friday, July 15, 2011

Dinner With Inouyes at Wrangler's

What a wonderful week! Tonight we gave a short lesson to our good friends the Inouye's. We usually see them every week or two but this summer has been so busy we haven't gotten together at all. Brother Inouye called us up and asked us to come over and then go to dinner at Wrangler's Steakhouse. We pass it often enough on our way to Lihue. It is in Waimea and is a restored plantation house turned into restaurant. We didn't have steak though. When you're in Hawaii and have a chance to have fresh fish you take it any chance you get. We had fresh catch- of- the -day Marlin. It was yummy. Each piece was the size of a big steak and had a yummy lemon butter and caper sauce. WOW!! Delicious.

Oh, and you can ride your good, old horse up to the hitchin' post and leave him there while you go on in and set a spell and eat!.

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