Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursdays With Bro. C. Red Rocks and Noni Juice.

We learned so much today as we visited with Bro. C. He has cancer that has gone into his bones and he is taking Hawaiian medicine to help in his treatment. Ala'e is a red medicinal rock that comes from a certain place up in the mountains. It kind of reminds me of a sandstone texture. Anyway, you dry it out and then grind up the rock and mix it with distilled water and then boil it or steep it like a tea. After it is finished cooking for about an hour you chill it. The red particles then settle and you drink the water (very red) that is left on top. Bro. C. drinks about 2-3 oz. a day. He say you can also sprinkle the ground up particles of the rock on your cereal or whatever you eat if you would rather. Wally asked him what it tastes like. "Just like dirt." was his reply. He also is taking some Hawaiian herbs that someone mixes for him. He seems to be doing so well and is in no pain at this time. His faith is amazing and we love meeting with him every week. This afternoon our neighbor across the street brought us some more mangos. Ymmm! They came from Uncle Andy's tree. Willy had some nubby little round things in his bucket along with the mangoes. I asked him what they were and he said,"Noni." These are steeped too and the liquid is Hawaiian medicine that he takes. So much for Noni juice from the manufacturers. We can grow and steep our own over here. This is fresh, the real thing! It is a diuretic, laxative and good for your general health. One problem though. It smells like a skunk....

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