Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesdays With Kisha and Family.

We have started to teach a new family on Wednesdays. They are a fun young couple. They have 2 little ones, a girl 7 and a boy 4. He teaches and coaches high school and she is a social worker. We are blessed to meet and teach such wonderful people. We hope we are teaching the things they need to know and that they are gaining a testimony of them. What a blessing it is for us to study and learn and then share what we know to be true. Experiences like this have such an impact on our lives. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and brings such peace and joy into our lives. There is a Church that meets outside just down the street from us. They meet several nights during the week and Sunday mornings. They sing all the time. It is loud and kind of soft rock. They have such beautiful voices. Then the preacher starts to preach. It is all hell's fire and so loud and all talk about Jesus bringing them down to the depths before that can be saved. Ours is a reverent church including the music and our Savior loves us and is not harsh. I am so glad we feel loved and not threatened.

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