Monday, July 4, 2011

4x4ing With the Mecham's.

Meet the Mecham's. They are members of our ward. They both teach school; she teaches 1st grade and he teaches math in high school. Brother Mecham is also part of our ward missionary committee. About a week ago Sunday they asked us if we would like to go for a pic-nic on the 4th up to Kokee. We said,"sure, sounds like fun." "We'll pick you up at 10:00." We were excited because we didn't know what we were going to do for P-day and we were happy to go. The ward members are so kind to us. Right at 10:00 they pulled up in their 4 wheel drive and said we like to go off road is that ok with you? Anyway, off we went up to Kokee but we didn't eat there we went down some old dirt roads and ended up having lunch in a pavilion up by the Alaka'i Wilderness Preserve and Swamp. We were also looking over the beautiful and very primitive Kalalau Valley. We drove down through the Sugi Grove and saw awesome pines and huge ferns. It was great!

Then came the best part of the day for me. I was brazen enough to ask Brother Mecham that since he had a 4 wheel drive and we were already in it would he mind taking us out to Polihale
State Park and Beach. "OK, be glad to." He was happy I asked him and he took us there after we came down from Kokee. You will find Polihale down a 5 mile dirt, unimproved and huge pot holed road. There are signs that say if you come out here in a rental car and get stuck you will pay mightily to be towed back! I have wanted to go for so long and didn't know who to ask to take us there. The beach is 17 miles long and has beautiful fine white sand and turquoise blue water. The current is very unpredictable even in the summer. So swimmers have to be very careful. You can see us here down in a big rut in the truck. We went very slowly. And were very thankful for Bro. Mecham's big truck. When we came out on the beach it was beautiful and worth every pot hole in that bumpy ride. Brother and Sister Mecham you are the BEST! Thanks for a wonderful day.

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