Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's Interview Time Again!

President and Sister Dalton were in town today. It is interview time again. Usually they both interview during the District Meeting pulling Elders out one at a time to visit with them. President is the heavy then Sister D. gives the treats and the loving touch. Really they are both great. This time though, they both stayed with us for our meeting and then we went to lunch. Pres. asked where we wanted to go and of course the Elders wanted Taco Bell! Yum! Sounds great said the Dalton's. So off we went for good food and a good visit and some laughs. Back to the chapel to finish the interviews. President and Sister Dalton had a meeting with President Gonsalves, our Stake President at 3:00 and so he asked Wally and I to wait for them and then take them to the airport. We love that because that's when we have our interviews all together in the car. They are the best! We really love them and and know they care about us and what we are doing down here in Kekaha. President Gonsalves is a wonderful leader too.

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