Saturday, July 30, 2011

'Ohana Mau Loa.

'Ohana Mau Loa. Families can be together forever! Here we are getting ready to march in the Koloa Plantation Days Parade. We are marching with the Kalaheo Ward. When we went up there on Thurs. for our ARP meeting they were making ti leave skirts for the floats for the parade. If you look closely you can see my ti leaf lei. We asked about the parade and they quickly gave us t-shirts and asked us to be part of the celebration. We were excited to do it. We walked along behind the kids pulling the handcarts full of sugar cane. In front of the float.

Here is our float with all kinds of native flowers and ti leave skirts around the outside. The youth and primary children riding the float are playing ukes, singing and tapping out music with sticks (they have a name I can't remember what it is). It was beautiful.

Here we are walking along and passing out Hawaiian Salt to parade goers. The salt comes from the pots out at Salt Pond Park. A family in the ward has a pot and collects the salt, pa'akai, and then packages it and we handed it out. It is used for protection, embodies strength and purity. On many occasions it is used to bless an area. 'Oke kahua ma mua, ma hope ke kukulu. "Foundation first, then the building." By the way we won 1st place for a walking group.

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