Saturday, July 9, 2011

Over the River and Through the the Lo'i

We were up bright and early this Sat. morning to work on Bro. Tama Ta'ala's lo'i or taro patch. It has been a service project the ward has wanted to do for some months now. As you can see we had to go through the river up the Waimea Valley to get to the patch. Then on through the woods we went until we got to the place! It was so much fun and lots of members from the ward showed up. We rode up with Bro. Mecham and Bro. Bouche.

The lo'i's are sunken plots of land about 1/4 of an acre in size. We cleaned all the weeds out of them (2) and then set the weeds on fire. The ash makes great fertilizer for the patch. Tama will now get a tiller in the lo'i and turn up the soil. After the soil is turned up then Tama will fill the patch with water. The ward is supposed to come back and learn to plant. That ought to be fun! It might turn out to be a mud bath! Tama can't grow taro fast enough. It is in such great demand for making poi he could sell as much as he could grow and harvest.

This is a Lo'i that is about ready to harvest. When taro is harvested the leaves are cut off of the root with about an inch of root attached and then that will be planted in the patch that has been made ready and the process will start all over again. It is a year round job and takes about a year for the taro to mature. I love the leaves cooked like spinach in coconut milk also the taro cooked like potatoes with onions in coconut milk. Poi now that is another story!

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