Monday, July 18, 2011


Poor Wally. We had such a great P-Day today and then he came home to take a shower and guess who took one with him? That's right a gecko. I had to chuckle. I mean am I supposed to save him from the gecko or what? Wally tried and tried to shoo him down the drain but he was smarter than that and Wall just had to hurry and get out of there! We think we have finally figured out the ant problem but geckos that's another story. We have small ones here and there. One is in our bedroom and crawls all over the walls and ceiling. We have a large one in the kitchen that lives in the florescent light fixture. We have them all over and know that by their droppings. Their droppings are bigger than mouse droppings and we find them everywhere; on the walls, counters, window sills (inside and out). Some how that doesn't bother me like a mouse would though. You should hear the chorus at night. They make the most interesting sounds. Just wish I could explain it to you.

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