Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Turn For Dinner!

Still can't get Lois to pose for a picture so I thought since Wall and I cooked dinner for Vince, Lois and Bonnie tonight you might like a picture of us! Ha, I'm sure. Anyway it is a nice intro. Vince and Lois always insist on fixing us dinner before we teach so we decided to turn the tables on them. We said last week that the next time we would bring dinner to them. Lois especially was thrilled. "I won't have to cook afta work? Great." Well, with only one sauce pan, one frying pan and a rice cooker to our name, we decided to have burritos. Ymmm. We prepared everything before we left and it was still hot when we got their place. All we had to do was cook the yummy Costco tortillas when we got there. I was so happy everyone had 2 big ones each (except us) and they were delicious. We had the Hawaiian version of creamies and brownies for dessert. It was a great success if I do say so myself and the lesson was wonderful. We gave the Plan of Salvation. I think Lois is beginning to trust us. She asks thoughtful questions and knows we will take all the time she needs with the lessons. What a great friendship we have with these three!

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