Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Arorah!

Remember Tama's taro patch? Well, while we were having lunch after working on the lo'i all morning Tama invited us all to his granddaughter Ahrorah's 1st birthday party. It is custom here to have a huge party for the 1st birthday of a child. There is lots of Hawaiian food and entertainment. It is really lots of fun. There must have been 300 people there! It was outside under the beautiful summer sky. For a gift you give money and the rule of thumb is whatever you would pay if you went out for a meal. Interesting. I asked my friend Uli Wright if a stuffed animal would be a good gift for the baby and she said oh no, and then explained what I should do. I could have given an educational toy or some clothes too but I didn't know her size and haven't been to the store to shop.

Here is the table with all the food. There was something for everyone, let me tell you. Right at the front by the paper plate you can see the cups of poi. I'll pass thanks. Farther down the table was my favorite taro and greens cooked in coconut milk. Yum! There were also lots of yummy desserts. Just before we left Tama got up and sang a song with the entertainers. It was great and I'm just sure the "juice" he drank with his meal let him put his whole self into it. After the song he ran over and hugged us and thanked us for coming. I think he really appreciated us being there.

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