Friday, July 22, 2011

North Shore Drive.

What a great day for a drive. The weather is beautiful and we don't have any appointments so we decided to take off. We have a full day tomorrow and so thought this was a great time. This is a one way bridge. Drivers take turns at each end crossing. It is polite to let 5 cars go and then wait your turn while the other side comes through. We are crossing behind the 1st car.

Here is Bali Hai. One of the wettest places on the island. It is so beautiful and green here. Just around the corner are some caves (one wet and one dry) and a beautiful beach. Far too many people and cars on it though. People should come down to the west side of the island

And here we are at the very end of the road! The only place left to go is to hike into the Kalalau Valley. It is a very special valley, lush, green and you can only get there by hiking 11 miles or by boat on the Na Pali coast. We are told it is a very spiritual place. We took a boat ride up the coast last time we were here and it was just beautiful. I don't think we are up to the hike and you have to have a permit to do it. The hike itself takes 2 days and you have to be prepared to sleep on the beach as you go. Then you hike up the valley and have to come out again.

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