Friday, October 14, 2011

Ginger and Black Bean Manjou.

I was baking cookies just in case I needed to have some on hand for someone or something. I have found a new recipe for cookies using jello instant pudding. It makes them so soft and yummy. I saw Willy come home from work so I took some over to him. Pretty soon I hear "whooie, Fran" over he came and gave me a big bunch of ginger. They are beautiful. He is particularly proud of his pink ones. You have to cut all the foliage off and then put them in water.

Aren't they beautiful? I threw the leaves away. I should have kept a few and put them in with the flowers. If I was a real flower arranger of Hawaiian flowers I would have known that. Anyway they are beautiful on the table. I hope they last. What a lovely gift.

I forgot to mention that on Thursday when we came home in the evening Kaveyhi came over with some Black Bean Manjou. They are from the Lawai Bakery. We have heard we should go there for the pastries. Veyhi say no it will just cost you lots of money because they have so many yummy treats. Anyway, these little treats have the lightest, flakiest pastry with black bean filling. Mmmm so good. We never would have guessed. We love our neighbors.

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