Friday, October 7, 2011


This Friday we had to go into Lihue to do some shopping. We don't usually have a lot to do on Fridays because if people have a day off they need to do their errands and they also help their children by tending grandchildren. We haven't been shopping for a while and have no food so we decided to head out. We always wear out "pros clothes" and tags because we love to meet all kinds of people in Costco and Walmart. We always meet someone new to the island or members from other wards and it is great fun. It was Fall Break here and we met some young kids that we read with and that are in our ward. "Auntie, Uncle how are you? Guess what is happening today?" We just love it when they recognize us and talk to us. Little Hawaiian children steal our hearts and remind us of our own. At lunch we met another young couple who just moved to the island. It is amazing to us. We never would have thought of doing that when our boys were little. We are too predictable! We should have stretched just a little and maybe one of the boys would have turned out to be a world famous surfer. Who knows. LOL.

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