Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's Painting Time!

Here's Dad doing his favorite thing. Yup! Painting! The renovation of Sister Kua's cottage is coming right along. They had better hurry because she is coming home in December and is she going to be surprised! Everything will be so different especially the color of the house and all her beloved plants have had to come out. That is all she asks about. They will grow back in no time though the way things grow here. I hope she will be ok when she sees what has been done. Ui and family have worked so hard. The cottage is at least 60 years old. I love these cottages. They are such a part of the history here. Nothing fancy. Just a living room, a small bathroom, with a small claw foot tub, small old fashioned kitchen with a tiny sink and 3 small bedrooms. I'll be sure to put a picture up of the finished project. Oh, and I had a little deja vu today. When we were looking at the windows Ui asked me if I knew about replacing glass panes. As I began looking up close I saw how the windows were held in place. I remember when I was young and we had broken windows we would go and buy new glass and bring it home and putty it back in place. I can remember rubbing that putty between my hands and making a thin "snake" out of it and putting it around the window and pushing it in place with my fingers and smoothing it out. Wall says that is called glazing and now you put it in with a putty knife so you get a nice smooth edge.

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