Thursday, October 13, 2011

We Love You Here!

Brother C. was so sweet today. We had a talk story meeting along with a little singing and strumming. He told us how much he enjoyed having us as full time senior missionaries here. He said he is going to talk to the powers that be and suggest they keep seniors here because they are long term and such an important part of the ward. We have made such a connection with him and Sis. C. they are a blessing in our lives. You know how it feels when you feel like you have known someone forever? The last few weeks Andrew's family has been working on shell lei's at our meeting table in his yard. We can hear the music, talking and laughter clear over here at our place. Guess what? We worried that we would have to discontinue our meetings but Andrew comes to get us and asks if we can go to the church to read. He loves reading with us. It is wonderful for us that he wants to have meetings with us. We really enjoy his friendship to. "Thank you, thank you", he says. "I like to be with you." His family speaks only Hawaiian at home so we wonder how much he really understands. He reads to us and we translate for him. He says he really likes our appointments every week at 14:30. That's 2:30 for you non military personnel. This week he said the Lord's Prayer in Hawaiian for the closing prayer. Beautiful.

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