Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's Good Ya?

Today was a wonderful Sunday! I gave the Missionary Minute, Our Ward Rocks and Brother Karratti, the mission leader and Sister Akita, the Bishop's wife were the speakers. What a spiritual feast. Sister Akita talked about making good choices and trusting ourselves that we have been good parents and have tried to teach our children well. They have to choose now what to do with it. Her theme "It's Good." went along with her message and she told some wonderful stories (about kings and cannibals) to illustrate. I know sometimes we all wonder if we have done enough. Brother Karratti talked about "Turning". He used it to talk about turning toward the Lord and being obedient and striving to do our best. He even talked about when we had hiked the Sleeping Giant with his family and how we could look down and see where we'd been and where we were going and how worth it it would be when we got to the top. Let's hope our views looking down will be just as amazing!

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