Monday, October 10, 2011

P-Day, Elizabeth and the Town Meeting.

We had a great p-day today. We were going to go to the beach and have some ice cream but other things came our way. At about 5:30 a.m. Bro. K called and asked Dad if he would come and give a blessing to a lady who was going in for cataract surgery this morning. We were already awake so it was a good start to the day. He loves to do things like that to help people of our ward. While he was with him, Bro. K asked if we would attend a town meeting tonight. It is about the Sugar Mill. It's going to be torn down but the towns people are worried about the asbestos, lead and other toxins being released into the air and settling ponds, where farmers are growing veggies and selling them at Farmer's Markets and mill canals that flow directly into the ocean when in rains. It is good for us to go in casual clothes and be a part of community and show interest in it he says. It was funny that while we were there people came up and said "hi" and recognized us as the people who walk all around the town at 6:00 in the morning. No secrets in Kekaha. Ya. Vince also called and asked if we could give another lesson to his mother, Elizabeth. She was so glad to have us come. She loves what we are teaching her and already has a testimony of a lot of things. We sure hope she will be well enough to be baptized. Oh, happy day!

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