Friday, October 21, 2011

Kau Kau Tins and Lilik'oi Pie

We didn't get to have Chick Chat this week or last. It seems like ages since we have had a good visit. So Maxine and Petra (they both have Fridays off) decided we should go out to lunch today. Our week has been bleak and there are not appointments today so I said it sounded good. To tell the truth Wall probably wanted some time alone too. LOL. We finally decided on Wranglers. We have eaten there before and it is good food and a fun old place. Maxine ordered a Kau Kau Tin. It is a lunch box that the sugar cane workers used to carry to work.

When you take the handle off, the tin separates into three parts. Each part has something different in it. For example Maxine had rice, meat and vegetables. It would have had shrimp but she has developed an allergy to them and so they had to change it up for her. In the gift shop they have these tins to buy. I might get one and use it to hold some of my office supplies. Such an interesting piece of history here.

Here Petra and I are sharing a piece of Lilik'oi Pie. A house specialty. At home we have some Lilik'oi mustard that Wally loves. Lilik'oi is passion fruit and it is really popular here and is used in all kinds of things. Petra told us today that she is moving to the mainland. What a shock! She is excited to have a new adventure. We will miss her so much. She just became active again when we moved into the ward. Wally and I taught her the lessons and read the Book of Mormon with her when we first got here. This year has been such a year of growth and joy for her. Although I hate to see her go, she is so excited. I know we will be able to see her when we come home because she is going to AZ and we will stop by when we go to visit Jeffrey, Jarrica and family.

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