Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's Transfer Time Again!

Look at this fine, upstanding group. I can't believe it has been six weeks since the last transfer and here it is again. Elder Austin, in the lei, is dying. That's going home. I think Elder Coffin back row left will go, he's been a great ZL and maybe one other elder. You never know. It is always fun to guess. We will find out Sunday night. We always get a call ahead of time and know who will go and where. This has been such a good Zone. We love the elders and sisters like they were our own. Do I always say that? We just got the word that Wally is now the "Car Czar" in charge of car inspections here on Kauai. Poor elders, you know how Wally is about his cars. He will do that at the same time I do apartment inspections. Next Monday we will have our last p-day together and we are taking lunch and dessert into Lihue for everyone. The elders will play some game, we will fix them lunch and then say goodbye. We would have them out here but it is just too far for everyone to come. We sang Aloha'oe for our closing song today and it is always such a tear jerker!

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