Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oh What a Beautiful Sunrise!

I couldn't resist taking this beautiful picture this morning. We were headed out for our walk at about 6:15, I was a little slow today, and this is what we saw as we walked out our door. It was absolutely breath taking! Doesn't it remind you of the creation? Well, we watched it as the colors changed and turned lighter and the sun came up. How fantastic is that? We had District Meeting and it was about planning, using our planners and our time wisely. These elders are outstanding! Kind of like Our Boys !! They sure do a good job. I brought my absolutely delectable chocolate chip banana bread and we had a feast during and after our meeting. I love to take care of these "boys." We went to lunch a BK. The moa (chickens) didn't drive us inside this time like they did when the President was here. He couldn't get over it. We had to laugh at the expression on his face. On our way home our phone rang. It was the President and he asked me to put the phone on speaker so Wally could hear. I was so nervous I couldn't figure out how to do it. I asked him if I could call him back. I tried really hard to make it work and it still wouldn't. Anyway, he wanted to ask how we were doing and to make sure we knew how much he appreciated and loved us. He was concerned about how we were feeling and wanted to reassure us. What a great man. We are certainly lucky to have him as our leader and friend. We love Sister Dalton and feel the same way about her. Have I mentioned how blessed we are?

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