Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A New Referral and Lois.

We sometimes get referrals on our phone. These referrals come from visitor center's and different places missionaries are. Today we were lucky and got 2. We found out that one was from the family of a man's fiance and the other is from a member of our ward. He didn't give us the referral but gave it to the missionaries at Temple Square when he was in SLC for conference. Go figure. We have contacted both and have made appointments. Cross your fingers. Ours are. Today was a great meeting with Lois. Things are going along so well. We are thrilled. Today we talked about the Holy Ghost (my part) and the Word of Wisdom (Dad). We usually have dinner first but today it wasn't quite done so I suggested lesson first and then dinner so we wouldn't keep them to long this evening. When I mentioned what we were going to talk about Lois said, "Oh no, I'm going to have to give up my coffee!" We all had a laugh over her expression. We talked about it and challenged her to give it up. That is her only problem and she wonders if she can do without it. We gave her some suggestions and told her we would check back on Sunday. I know she will do well. By the way, dinner was outstanding. Chicken enchiladas, salad and orange cheese cake. Yum! ... Happy 93rd Birthday Mom.

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